Monday, March 3, 2014

The Art Of Scrolling Steel review and promo

The legendary steel benders of yesterday were never able to produce the How-To Manuals and Videos that could have helped this art stay alive.
The Art Of Scrolling Steel review and promo  
And because of that, Steel Bending and Scrolling is slowly dying out.

This is where Bud Jeffries and I come in.

Bud and I have been bending steel of all sorts since the early 2000's, and we love spreading the passion of steel bending.

Now, we have put together the video that explains Steel Scrolling and how you can practice this art form exactly the way the pioneers of scrolling did it way back when.

There's just something awesome about the feeling of twisting a steel bar into an artistic shape, and being able to place it on your mantle or entertainment center, and remember the battle you had with it.

The Art Of Scrolling Steel review and promo  
The sweat that drips from your brow to the floor.

The struggle with the bar as you press on the steel, and it pushes back at you, like a fight to the death...

The glory you feel once you've defeated the steel.

And the bond you now possess with the great Oldtime Strongmen of the past.

The Art Of Scrolling Steel review and promo  
That is what Steel Scrolling is all about.

And that is how we want you to feel.

We want Steel Bending and Scrolling to enjoy a rebirth, and it starts with you.

With steel bending, you can challenge yourself further than with conventional strength training.

You can finish off each training session with an exclamation point, and a trophy for your work.

And whether you are left with a pile of bent nails, or a stack of twisted horseshoes, you know you are following a rite of passage that connects you to the great strongmen of the past.

And now it's time for you to go one step further...Scrolling Steel.

Grab Your Copy of This Double-DVD Today:

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